PV LEGAL project Key Recommendations September 2011


PV LEGAL’s new publication, “Key Recommendations”, proposes and defines ways to remove or simplify permitting procedures and grid connection of PV systems, identified in the course of the project duration. 

The main barriers identified by the PV LEGAL consortium include: permitting procedures; grid connection rules and technical standards; grid connection procedures; and grid capacity issues. For each barrier, the PV LEGAL report makes concrete recommendations for streamlining and improving procedures and for taking PV into account.

The recommendations developed in this new publication include:

  • Creating lean and appropriate permitting procedures, and a one-stop shop for all permissions
  • Defining deadlines, and giving better guidance to planning authorities
  • Involving the PV industry in bodies in charge of defining technical standards
  • Streamlining grid connection procedures and setting penalties for not respecting deadlines
  • Seriously addressing grid capacity issues by evaluating costs, benefits and the potential for grid extension and improvement and developing strategic grid concepts taking into account RES potentials

Download the new publication here.