Results & Publications

The different publications realized in the course of the project are posted in this section.

  • National and regional advisory papers were established, which shall serve as input for the discussions with authorities, policy-makers and grid operators and as a guide for effectively improving LAPs in the participating countries.
    • For Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Great Britain, a national and a regional advisory paper wre prepared.
    • In the case of Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Portugal a position paper were prepared.
  • On a European level two main reports were published: 
  • Progresses in each of the countries participating in the project were monitored all along the project duration.
  • A PV Industry Survey was realised in each country to evaluate the actual duration and costs related to the compliance of administrative and regulatory requirements. There can be found a quantification of these results which allows to compare the situation between a country and another.