Project Flow

Setting-up the PV Legal Database

The PV LEGAL project consortium along the course of the project established the factual basis for the project by means of a comprehensive research and survey phase leveraging on the extensive project planning experience of companies members of the different associations. The partners researched the roadblocks and barriers that PV investors were facing when planning and installing PV systems in the participating countries. This data obtained was evaluated within a comprehensive centralized database so that the different administrative frameworks could be compared. The focus of the database was and still is to provide real added value not only by listing the existing legal-administrative and grid connection regulations, but also by describing the practical experiences of investors with regard to time, effort and costs implied by these processes. The following market segments were researched:

  • A - Small-scale installations on residential buildings
  • B - Small to medium-scale installations on commercial buildings 
  • C - Medium to large-scale ground-mounted installations on open lands

The findings of the research was disseminated to the industry, decision makers and all interested stakeholders through a freely accessible online database. The objective was to inform policy makers about international regulation and requirements on PV with this communication tool. In addition, PV companies were and are still able to use the database as a basis for improved investment decisions due to the greater transparency it engendered.

Development of Advisory Papers

In a second step, the project partners set up tailor-made advisory papers containing concrete recommendations for improvement and policy recommendations for each country. Industry stakeholders discussed these advisory papers at eight conferences organized in each participating country (National Forums) and provided their feed-back when necessary.

Recommendations for a successful implementation of results

As a third and final step, the consolidated papers were presented directly to the relevant decision makers, authorities and grid operators in National and Regional Review Workshops. During the whole course of the project, partners maintained close contact to the target groups. This was a precondition for successfully implementing the results and recommendations of the advisory papers. Both national and regional target groups were addressed, depending on each country situation through a tailor-made approach in order to discuss the project results and to facilitate swift implementation of the proposals of the consortium.

The results achieved throughout the project durations as regards actual progresses on administrative processes in each of the countries can be found here, in the "progress" section.


PV GRID takes over the work of PV LEGAL

Now that the PV LEGAL project completed, a new project started recently (May 2012), the PV GRID project, which will pursue the same research methodology , enlarging the research to additional countries such as Austria, Belgium, Slovakia and Sweden and will keep updating regularly the PV LEGAL database. More information on this new initiative can be found on