Countries involved in the Project

The following 12 EU countries were involved in the project:

  1. Bulgaria,
  2. Germany,
  3. France,
  4. Greece,
  5. Italy,
  6. Netherlands,
  7. Poland,
  8. Portugal,
  9. Slovenia,
  10. Spain,
  11. Czech Republic,
  12. England.

The project was a joint endeavour of PV industry associations, carried out by eleven project partners and four subcontractors under the coordination of BSW-Solar. The national PV industry associations involved in the project were: ASIF, Assosolare, Enerplan, Helapco, PTPV, MPC, SER, ZSFI, APESF, BPvA, CZREA, Holland Solar. In addition the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and eclareon Management Consultants were also project partners.