In the course of the project the consortium organised several events at different levels. At European level, workshops in the frame of the 24th, 25th and 26th EU PVSEC addressed the PV industry each year in September. During the workshops, representatives of all partners will present the current status and results of the project, as long as the proposed changes with regard to regulatory framework conditions in the participating countries.

In addition a final European Forum was organised in Brussels on 8 February 2012, just before the project completed. This event was the occasion to present the final recommendations drawn out from the research and best practices observed by the partners.

At national level the consortium organised 8 National Forums addressing relevant stakeholders to discuss the existing national (and regional) legal-administrative frameworks. The aim of the forums, based on the preliminary national and regional advisory papers, was to evaluate and coordinate proposals for improvements of such frameworks and the reduction of PV bureaucracy in general.

Building on national stakeholder forums taking place in each of the participating countries and using the finalised advisory papers, the project consortium organised a respective series of focused National Workshops and Regional Review Workshops for national and regional authorities, policymakers and grid operators. These workshops intended to lead to a review of legal administrative processes in the selected country or region as well as to a change of regulations and the removal of legal-administrative barriers.