December 2011 update

Since more than 6 month the legislation for Segment B has been in place and as a result of on-going exchanges before the licensing process the procedure is now working without major problems and with the necessary transparency. Like in segment A no paper documents are needed to run through the complete process.

April 2011 update


In December of 2010 the long expected revision of the legislation for segment A (residential rooftop systems) was published. The changes are a significant improvement and lead to a transparent and fast licensing process. The system for registration is always open and the request gets a number immediately. Anyone can know in which place of the waiting list his request is and have his waiting time transparent. Licenses are given for 25 MW per year and each month there can be expected 1/12 of this capacity for distribution.

Segment A in Portugal is now on a good way and the licensing procedure is one of the most modern at all: there is not one piece of paper necessary until the system is licensed. This is the result of a long work of APESF who talked to decision makers in all parts of involved administration. Also PV-Legal helped as it was always used as a key to open the discussion and as a database to improve the process.

Recently there is also published the legislation for segment B (commercial rooftop systems). Up to 20 kW there will be a feed-in-tariff of 25 cts/kWh, up to 250 kW it will be implemented an auction system where the request for the lowest feed-in-tariff will get the license. But still there are missing some decrees and details in the administrative process. It is expected that over 20 kW will appear the same kind of problems that Portugal has seen before: missing transparency, IT- pirates and dealing with licenses. Some details of the law perhaps will lead even to a total blocking of the whole process.