July 2011 update

There are no changes in the legislation regarding RES. The new Law on RES won’t be in force this year. It is expected that the support system will be based on green certificates as it is now. The number of certificates will depend on kind of RES, its age and installation site. But the spread will be only 0,8 – 2,0.

Photovoltaics gains more attention and understanding. There is also understanding that small systems can’t be treated as a big ones. The published document “Legal-administrative barriers for PV system installations in Poland” realized decision makers the situation of photovoltaics in Poland. This document will be very useful for the potential investors.

The Voivodship’s Funds for Protection of Environment and Water Management announced calls for proposal for RES-E under which MW PV systems can be installed. There are already two tenders for 1,8 MW in Wierzchoslawice near Krakow and 311 kW in Ruda Slaska near Katowice.

URE (Energy Regulation Office) informed that 4 systems with the total power 110 kW have concession to produce and sell electricity and 2 MW (number of installation not known) have promise of concession.


December 2010 update

A new Polish Energy Law entered into force in March 2010. The main objective of the amendment of the previous law was to stop speculative reservation of connection capacities.

Following measures are foreseen in the law:

  • Introduction of deposit payments for the connection of RES systems to the grid (deposit payment to be made within 7 days after requesting the issuance of Grid Connection Conditions). A deposit of up to 30 000 PLN per megawatt of planned connection power (as defined by the energy law) can be requested by the grid operator. The deposit payment cannot exceed the connection fee and in case of excess the utility, that is to perform the grid connection, shall return the difference with legally defined interest, accounted since the day of the payment. Such regulation should secure the investor from excessive level of the advance and accelerate the process of issuance of the Grid Connection Conditions. On the other hand, the necessity to obtain financial resources for the advance may constitute a great difficulty for the investor to accomplish the project.
  • A copy of the local Land Development Plan must be submitted to the grid operator together with the grid connection request. In case no such plan exists, the grid operator must be provided with a “decision for area development conditions” by the local authority for the site where the PV system is to be installed (if such a decision is required on the basis of the law on spatial planning)
  • Grid operators must publish the information on connected projects and available grid connection capacity on their website.



 Status as of April 2010

In Poland the Energy Regulation Office (URE) has recently published on its website a very clear description of the application process for obtaining a licence for the production of electricity. This information is providing for more transparency in the legal-administrative process. Lead times are expected to be reduced accordingly. Moreover the URE is currently taking into consideration PTPV’s claim that the same regulation can not be applied to large and small systems. First results of the PV LEGAL project were presented to the URE by PTPV. An amendment to the regulation might be proposed soon. Further information on the application process can be found under http://www.ure.gov.pl/portal/pdb/471/784/Odnawialne_zrodla_energii.html