Czech Republic

June 2011 update

On May 2011 the governement's cabinet approved a draft bill about "supported sources of energy" to replace the existing law on the promotion of energy from renewable sources.

The House on 20th June 2011 endorsed the government´s draft bill in a first reading. The new law sets long-term stable and sustainable conditions for promoting energy production from renewable sources with the least impact on energy prices for end consumers. It is associated with the National Action Plan for Renewable Resources, which sets annual limits for the development of renewable energy sources. Domestic renewable sources under this plan will be developed only to the extent that allows the state in 2020 to produce 13 percent of energy from such sources as the Czech Republic has undertaken within the EU.

Under the new law e.g.

  • starting next year it will be possible to purchase electricity from renewable sources to two or three dealers selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Only the PV rooftop systems with a capacity of up to 30 kWp will be supported.

April 2010 update

An amendment to the connectivity regulation has been adopted as of April 1st 2010. The amendment should limit speculative reservations (introduction of deposit payments and introduction of land planning permissions for larger installations). The results of the PV LEGAL research were fed into the discussion on the amendment by the Czech Renewable Energy Agency.

Moreover a methodical instruction tool on building permissions was published by the Ministry for Regional Development and the Landscape Development Office in November 2009. This document should provide clarity with regards to building law applications for PV systems.

The Ministry of Environment is also running a series of civil servant workshops in order to make the process of PV permission more transparent and to give civil servants proper tools for speeding up the decision making process. CZREA is participating in the workshops as a speaker.