PV in Spain: Market Analysis and Barriers

Organizer: Spanish PV Industry Association (ASIF)
Date: 6 October 2010
Time: 09h00-18h00
Venue: Hotel Meliá Barajas. Avda. De Logroño 305, 28042 Madrid


The PV LEGAL conference: "The PV in Spain: Market Analysis and Barriers," provided a practical information on legal and administrative framework in relation to the deployment of photovoltaic in Spain and other European countries. Experts from international Associations, the PV industry, utilities operators, and other specialists, discussed about the market prospects and obstacles to the development of photovoltaics in Spain and Europe. It was a time for questions and dialogue with the public which gave concrete recommendations on how to overcome these barriers. With a view to current and future challenges to the deployment of PV the conference put a focus on the practical experiences of the PV sector with the invited experts. Bureaucratic obstacles were discussed in Spain and were placed in relation to the experiences of other European PV markets.

This conference organized by the Spanish PV Industry Association (ASIF) offered an ideal platform for exchanging information and contacts with high level decision makers and experts from the Photovoltaic Sector. The high quality of presentations, discussions and face to face contacts allowed stakeholders in the sector to get informed about the current conditions and future legal and administrative framework and barriers conditions for the photovoltaic installations in Spain.


Objectives of the conference

The conference:

  • provided participants with detailed information on the legal and administrative obstacles during the planning and development of solar projects in Spain and Europe.
  • offered suggestions and recommendations for removing administrative barriers.
  • offered the chance to discuss about these recommendations
  • improved the contacts between industry, utility operators, decision makers and authorities.


The conference addressed to the following target groups:

  • ASIF Members
  • Promoters, distributors, installers, etc., of photovoltaic systems.
  • Consultants, insurances…


Session 1: El proyecto PV LEGAL en el contexto europeo y español

Session 2: La red eléctrica en España, conexión instalaciones FV, persectivas, barreras.

Session 3: Procedimientos administrativos y permisos para realizar instalaciones F V, perspectivas, barreras.

Session 4: El futuro de las instalaciones FV en suelo y tejados, acercandonos a la paridad de la red

Session 5: Retos y oportunidades en algunos paises europeos. Perspectivas.


Report summary

Download the report from the event.



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