Overcoming barriers for faster development of Slovenian PV market

Organizer: Slovenian Photovoltaic Industry Association
Date: 11 November 2010
Time: 09h00-14h15
Venue: Celje Fair, Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje, Slovenia


The PV LEGAL conference “Overcoming barriers for faster development of Slovenian PV market” provided practical insights into legal-administrative framework conditions regarding the deployment of PV in Slovenia. International experts from national PV associations and the PV industry, grid operators, representatives of national authorities and other specialists spoke about market perspectives and the three main barriers of the development of PV in Slovenia. Bureaucratic hurdles in Slovenia were discussed and also put in relation to experiences from other relevant PV markets in Europe. Concrete recommendations on how to overcome such barriers were discussed at the end of the day on panel discussion and also with the audience.

The conference organized by the Slovenian Photovoltaic Industry Association offered an ideal platform for exchanging information and networking with high level decision makers and experts from the PV sector. High quality presentations, discussions and face-to-face contacts allowed everyone involved to be best informed about present and future legal-administrative framework conditions and barriers for PV system installations.


Objectives of the conference

The conference:

  • Provided participants with detailed information on legal-administrative barriers during planning and installation processes of PV systems in Slovenia and Europe
  • Offered tailored suggestions and recommendations to remove administrative barriers
  • Provided the opportunity to discuss these recommendations
  • Improved contacts between industry, grid operators, decision makers and authorities


The conference was addressed to the following target groups:

  • Decision makers and authorities at national and regional level
  • Representatives from the PV industry and the energy sector
  • Utilities and grid operators
  • PV project developers, system integrators and distributors


Agenda: download it here



Report summary

Download the report from the event.


Katja Gorsek,
Slovenian Photovoltaic Industry Association