Third Conto e and National Guidelines: the role of Regions. The case of Sicily

Organizer: Italian National Photovoltaic Industry (Assosolare)
Date: Wedesday 8 September 2010
Time: 14h30-18h00
Venue: Nuova Fiera Roma – Ingresso Nord - Centro Congressi – Sala Baebiana - Rome 

The National Conference “Third Conto e and National Guidelines: the role of Regions. The case of Sicily” constituted the occasion to present the preliminary Advisory Paper, resulting from the analysis and research done in the context of PV Legal, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe program and aimed at evaluating the legal - administrative procedures for the authorisation of PV systems and at providing recommendations on how to overcome bottlenecks. The institutional and industrial stakeholders had the chance to contribute through their suggestions and comments, which Assosolare considered in the drafting of the final version of the document to be presented to decision makers.

Among the main bureaucratic barriers, the Autorizzazione Unica represented one of the main bottleneck for the PV sector in Italy. This is due to the absence for more than 7 years of the National Guidelines and to a consequent proliferation of Regional laws. The adoption of the Guidelines in July 2010, constitutes a major change in the Italian legal – administrative framework. The change is expected to bring more transparency and simplicity and to allow for a better and more uniform diffusion of PV in the whole Country. Along with the recent shift to 1 MW of the limit  that allows simpler procedures for the installation of ground mounted systems, the National Guidelines are a real step forward for the development of the sector also in Regions where, due to restrictive local laws or to inefficiency of the administrative system, results have proved to be well below the expectations.

How will the legal – administrative frame work change? Can we foresee a development of the photovoltaic sector more respondent to the real potentialities of Italy? Will the Regions be able and willing to adopt the necessary changes in order to comply at best to the National Guidelines? This questions were discussed and relevant answers were provited to these and other questions.

The event was open to all the operators of the PV sector, Public Administrations and Institutions.

The event was organised by the Italian National Photovoltaic Industry (Assosolare). High level political and institutional parties at both National and Regional level as well as industry representatives were among the speakers. The National Forum aimed at providing an analysis and discuss the authorisation framework and the legal-administrative barriers in Italy.  

Conference programme (Download)

The conference:

  • Provided participants with detailed information on legal-administrative barriers during the planning and installation processes of PV systems in Italy, in the light of the recent approval of the III Conto Energia (the Italian FiT scheme) and of the National guidelines.
  • Proposed suggestions and recommendations to remove the major administrative barriers
  • Provided the opportunity to discuss these recommendations
  • Provided an unique networking occasion to the different actors of the PV sector


The conference was addressed to the following target groups:

  • Industry representatives from the PV industry and the energy sector
  • PV project developers, system integrators and distributors
  • Utilities and grid operators
  • Service providers such as consultants, bankers, insurers etc.
  • Decision makers and authorities at national and regional level


Report summary

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