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PV LEGAL results – overview of the project findings.


The PV LEGAL project, started in July 2009, has been producing a lot of results, we would like to share with you these in a nutshell.

Developing an online free database

This is the corner of stone of the project. The PV LEGAL database is a unique resource useful for both project developers and local/national authorities involved in the administrative or grid connection related processes. This unique online, free database, gathers in-depth information about processes, legal sources and remedies, cost and time required to complete each single process in the development of a PV system in each of the 12 countries covered by the project and for each main type of application (residential or commercial rooftops, ground-mounted systems).

Have a tour on the PV LEGAL database

Developing national tailor-made recommendations

Thanks to the deep analysis of the processes of development of PV systems in their respective country and the identification of barriers, each of the national project partners have developed national advisory (and even some time regional) papers . These papers have been disseminated to as and discussed many times as possible with each relevant authorities involved in the various steps of development of a PV system. The papers are available here for download

Issuing key recommendations

Based on each national paper, a general and short overview of key recommendations has been published in September 2011. Barriers identified in each country have been clustered in four main categories: 1- Permitting procedure; 2 - Grid connection rules & technical standards; 3- Grid connection procedures; 4 - Grid capacity issues. For each barrier category and specific related sub-barrier some genera recommendations have been formulated that can be applier in any country being one of the 12 countries of the project or any other country willing to develop a PV market. Download the Key recommendations publication

Monitoring progresses

Over the 32 months of the PV LEGAL project duration, many progresses have been observed in the several countries that took part in the project.

The project has been monitoring these changes in each of the countries , sometimes the situation has improved such as in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, France or Italy, other times it has worsened such as in Spain or in Czech Republic.

You can find out about these progresses as they have been reported by the project partners here.

Quantifying barriers and processes:

Complying with administrative barriers requires time and this has a cost. For each country and each segment, the national partners have been quantifying the time and cost of developing a project independently from the equipment cost. This evaluation has been realised by performing many interview with installers and developers. Have a look at the main quantitative results of the project.

Final Report

A final report has been published on 8 February summarising the overall results of the project, and aiming at informing national authorities and European institutions about the sector’s view on the way Member States are simplifying processes and thus implementing the RES directive requirements, as regards administrative simplification and grid connection facilitation. You can download the final report here.